Why we exist

We believe that every person has the right to a humane and meaningful professional life. The time has come to redefine economic success and to use the economy to bring some good to the world. That is why it is so important to us that organisations practise their core values and thus fulfil their purpose. And that they do so now, to ensure that they stand out from the crowd going forward, establishing their own culture with sustainability and drive of purpose.

We believe that every organisation and every individual needs to embrace a new type of working. Anyone who ignores the future of work no longer has a future themselves. An empowering leadership culture, agile processes, decision-making responsibility, and flexible working areas will attract talented people today and in future, enabling them to reach their full potential and bringing value to the table.

For this reason, we pursue our mission to connect people with brands, organisations, and their own work in a meaningful manner.

We exist in order to carry over into reality our conviction for a humane and meaningful working world.

What we value

We appreciate open and honest cooperation – the exchange of ideas on an equal footing. Experimentation and creative exploration with meaning. We cherish the knowledge and talents of each individual in all that we do and believe that empathy, intuition, creativity, and foresight are essential elements in our cooperation.

Our team

We do not work for, rather we work with our customers and focus on shared goals and expectations. Our team, comprising generation X and millennials, mixing impressive expertise with youthful curiosity both in the analogue and digital world, manages to find the right balance that the future working world requires. Furthermore, our huge network of individuals allows us to initiate and/or support collective projects.

What makes us different


Through focus and concentration, we minimise complexity and set clear guidelines.

We work in short-term sprint phases with clear and predefined objectives.

At the same time, we retain a large degree of flexibility, freshness, and experimentation.

We use methods that promote creative thinking and facilitate strategic decisions.

We create interdisciplinary, complementary skills and personalities.

We practise an open and transparent communication structure.

Our like-minded network

We are not the only ones who want to save the world. We put our trust in a strong network of like-minded people and organisations who share similar principles, values, and standards all under the motto of “Collective Genius”.

Beautiful Future

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Hamburg: Implementation of new-work culture and cloud-based solutions


Hamburg: Brand strategy and integrated brand communication

Honey Pump

Berlin: Think tank for future and innovation

Les Enfants Terribles

Berlin: School for new, mindful working


Berlin: Real-Time Performance Management

Exponential University

Berlin: Corporate education and academy for digital transformation


Berlin: Curators of Change

A selection of customers

We are thankful every day for the confidence our customers have shown in us. Ultimately, we consider them to reflect the time we are living in. They allow us to keep our promises and reshape and help create the new working world through continuous experimentation and reflection. Thank you.


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