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Our reality is characterised by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Incalculable changes have been triggered by digitalisation, technologization, and globalisation, which can already be seen today in the changing market structures, agile planning cycles, and automated product developments. For an organisation to maintain its own value creation on a sustainable basis and to remain relevant to future generations going forward, now is the time to position oneself with a clear meaning and purpose. This requires a new cultural understanding and a new type of cooperation which includes, promotes, and fulfils the individual as a whole.

Whether small or rather big. Local or international. We work with teams and organisations which, due to their size, are seeking new forms of cooperation to function with more flexibility, agility, and innovation; we also work with start-up organisations looking to scale without damaging their corporate culture.

Organisations and leaders often report the following challenges to us:

We have a vision and a mission; the only thing is – this is not really practised by us.

We can no longer afford to think and work in silos.

We would like to stimulate our cooperation with a culture open to feedback and constructive criticism.

We have got the digital change right at a technological and process level. Culturally, on a human level, we are still lagging.

We have to become faster, more agile, more innovation-driven.

Our decision-making process has to be faster and/or we have to make better decisions.

We strive for growth but would still like to preserve our culture.

Our employees are demanding more flexible working hours and would like to work in creative environments.

We want our employees to work in a self-organised manner.

Our managerial staff are not able to inspire and nurture our younger employees. We cannot keep hold of young talent.

We do not understand the high demands and expectations of millennials.

We have to change but we do not know how to approach it.

We have to shape our work processes digitally.

We have merged with a company/have been bought up as a brand but we want to stay true to our culture.

Our fields of activity

For Companies



The volatility of our economy and politics is constantly increasing, markets are rapidly changing, disruptive technologies surprising companies, who have owned monopolies for years. Strategies are only lasting for short periods of time, and organisations are recognizing their need for purpose to dealing with the complexities and emerging challenges effectively. With purpose, not only are all stakeholders considered, leaders are far better equipped to take targets decisions: “Is this the right decision according to our purpose – yes or no?”. In an up to six-week period, our PurposeQuest will help you discover and articulate your company purpose, as well as activate through initial prototypes your company purpose sustainably. 

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Leadership Reset


Effective and efficient leadership has always been a demanding challenge, also before digitalization. Today – more than ever – organisational leadership has to adapt to the challenges of its markets and the necessities of its business model. What leadership do we need in these times? Together, we will develop a purposeful leadership programme for your organisation, that will surface a new mindset, new values and norms, as well as new behaviours and embed a more courageous and impactful leadership culture. We do this by means of coaching, dialogue-spaces, leadership circles, self-organisation and workshops. Result: More trust. More commitment. More Motivation as well as support increased personal development. 

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Masterclass: The principle of purpose

Does a company really need purpose?! According to various studies, companies are absolutely in need of purpose. In this one hour or full day Masterclass, you will learn why purpose is important, what it benefits and impacts, and how it can be authentically articulated and embedded into the organisation. Specifically we will collect first insights in how to discover, articulate, activate your company purpose, against the background of constantly changing conditions within the company environment.

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For Leaders

Exponentially Human


A five-day unique and exclusive transformative experience in Umbria, Italy for leaders, emerging leaders and entrepreneurs who want to be purposeful, personal and compassionate and enhance themselves, their people and their organisation towards extraordinary, profitable results and a humane, courageous organisational culture.

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An inclusive, co-creating and transformative 16-week Hybrid Leadership Program, providing the emerging leader, the established professional, the executive, the entre-/solopreneur or the career shifter a protected and competent frame for a radical transformative experience in becoming a better leader for a better world.

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Masterclass: The principle of human leadership

In one hour or a full day experience, this Masterclass will have you dive into the field of purposeful human leadership. Why is being a purposeful human leader necessary today? What does it mean to be a purposeful human leader? What leadership qualities are important – today as well as tomorrow? And why is it so important to radically rethink leadership?

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How we work

We are shaped by the mentality of successful startups in what we do and how we act: lively, fresh, experimental, and effective.

We work in sprint phases lasting one to two weeks: these include analysing the challenge, finding solutions, and then implementing these solutions with clear recommendations for action. We also provide subsequent support if required.



Learn, understand, and question.
Wherein lies the actual problem?

Finding solutions

Development of potential strategic solutions in order to determine the scope of feasibility.

Solution & roadmap

Development and implementation of a prototype, outcome, event, or experience with recommendations for action as an enabler for operative implementation and the continuous change process.

Moderation, coach & sparring partner

Moderation, coaching, and/or support of leaders, leadership teams, expert teams, or cross-functional teams for sustainable implementation.

“Initiating and driving sustainable change on an equal footing.
With clear guidelines and flexibility.”