Humans Of New Work

Our own German-English platform with the assignment of giving orientation and uncovering perspectives and possibilities surrounding new work. Using personal stories of individuals who have dared to question conventions in the system of work, which is currently practised, and who seek to shape and drive new forms of work.

Zippelhaus Hamburg

Our creative room in Hamburg, which we are also happy to rent out for events, shoots, product presentations, seminars, strategy sessions, and conferences, in order to give others the opportunity to use the open and beautifully designed spaces in a creative, intuitive, and visionary way.


Reading list

We too know that we do not know everything and that is why we are always open to the inspiration of other writers and authors. Here are some publications that we recommend.

Purpose Setting

Organisational Design

Communication Refresh

Leadership Reset

Neue Arbeitsweisen und -prozesse


The Digital World