Who we are

Leadership and teams have to cope with new and ever more complex challenges on a daily basis because every company is confronted with the types of change that affect our daily work, our dealings with one another, indeed our lives as a whole.

The time has come for a radical rethink. Now. Both in organisations and in people. SOULWORX draws precisely on this watershed moment and aims to link person and brand, person and organisation, and most importantly, SOULWORX strives to reconnect people with their work and their lives in a meaningful way. Because that is exactly what will be crucial to the economic success as well as future of enterprises.

In short, we offer a new type of strategic consulting with a focus on cultural change and new ways of working.

SOULWORX enables and supports leaders in not only facing digitalisation with courage, optimism, and momentum, but also in combining a stronger social awareness with social engagement through their work. In order to find solutions for a company’s development strategy and to tackle precisely those questions that have become increasingly relevant to employees, customers, and younger generations.

Our modern times are too dynamic, change too long-lasting, effects too profound to act with short-sightedness and without intention, insight, and soul. Both as an individual and as a company.

We understand the corporate culture and, with it, the person as a key factor and link in all matters relating to change; we use our insight to create a holistic experience in coping with this altered landscape.  

How others see us

Thanks to SOULWORX, we invest in human interaction without deviating from our high quality standards.

Philipp Raddatz, Managing Director Sales & Marketing, Thomas HenryGeschäftsführer Vertrieb & Marketing

SOULWORX has helped give our organisation a clear focus and purpose, define our mission statement, and develop a path-breaking plan of action.

Jonathan Courtney, UX Director, Founding Partner of AJ&SmartGeschäftsführer Vertrieb & Marketing

With their comprehensive experience in all matters to do with management, organisation, and digitalisation, SOULWORX provided invaluable service and helped us overcome numerous hurdles during the entire process.

Peter Brawand, Managing Partner at BrawandRieken UX Director, Gründungspartner

Thanks to SOULWORX, we can tackle the digitising world head-on. We gained valuable insights, intelligent and sensible measures for action, and also, in basic terms, joy in what we do and how we work – all this through organised, network-based, and clear cooperation.

Prof. Jochen Rädeker, Managing Partner at Strichpunkt UX Director, Gründungspartner

Together with SOULWORX we created the foundation to reach our next milestone and worked on the core purpose of all our activities.

Andreas Spiegler, Product & Innovation, brand einsProduct Manager